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Chipotle profit down 76%

How the world’s largest food company keeps your food safe Chipotle reported yet another terrible earnings quarter Thursday. The company said its quarterly profits were down 76% compared to the same period last year — to $16 million from about $68 million.

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Business Leadership Under President Trump

Larry Summers, former U.S. treasury secretary, is calling on American business leaders to stand up to President Donald Trump. Summers sharply criticizes the administration’s protectionist agenda, and he says it’s time for executives to call out how those policies undermine the economy and the country’s best interests in the long …

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Snapchat Parent Showcases Its Strength in Preparation for I.P.O.

SAN FRANCISCO — Snapchat may have been built on disappearing messages. But as the social media darling hovers on the cusp of becoming a public company, its parent is trying to show how durable its business is. In its first public prospectus, Snap Inc. disclosed on Thursday that it had …

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