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CEO Evan Spiegel’s Snap ownership is worth about $3.5 billion

Snapchat parent Snap Inc. has finally revealed its long-awaited IPO filing. The social messaging company, which plans to go public in early March, just shared details about its growth trajectory and financials.  And while we knew that Snap has raised at least $2.4 billion in capital from a long list of investors, …

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Snap commits $2 billion over 5 years for Google Cloud infrastructure

Most of today’s Snap coverage will be about its revenue and daily average usage numbers, but there was one small tidbit that emerged that will mean big business for the company’s cloud infrastructure partner, Google. In Snap’s S-1 filing, the company announced a license platform agreement it struck with Google for its cloud infrastructure …

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Cuban: “Just plain stupid” to not go public

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban spoke on stage at the Upfront Summit in Los Angeles on Thursday, where he voiced concern about the lack of tech IPOs recently. “I don’t understand the reticence to going public,” he said. “It’s just plain stupid.” After a slow 2016, there have yet to be …

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Propulse employs deep learning to power product recommendations for retailers

Propulse Analytics is launching today with $1.4 million in seed financing to equip retailers with deep learning for product recommendations. Backed by Wobemail Online Services LLP and Stradigi Ventures, the Canadian startup is leveraging the features of product images to better grasp customers’ tastes and ultimately increase sales for retailers. The inspiration …

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MapAnything lands $33 million to build location-centric apps

MapAnything, a software service built on top of Salesforce for developing location-based workflows, announced a $33.1 million Series B funding round today. The round was led by Columbus Nova with participation from ServiceNow Ventures. The latter is particularly important because the company intends to make its product available on the ServiceNow …

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